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Cory Metcalf


Cory Metcalf is an interactive media and sound artist with interests ranging from the field of bio-media to the performance of extended vocal and instrumental noise-music. Metcalf is currently pursuing an MFA in the Emergent Digital Practices department at the University of Denver where he is also an adjunct member of the faculty. Metcalf recently joined the materials development and support teams for Cycling74, makers of the visual object oriented programming environment, Max/MSP/Jitter. Metcalf's work explores, among other things, the intersections of human-plant interaction, biological and geological systems, real-time media instruments, responsive installation environments, novel encryption systems, and visualization/sonification of data sets. His interest in physical computing is evidenced in works such as Sensor Swarm (2002). Sensor Swarm is a hybrid interactive performance/installation that senses the presence and state of audience members to shape an auditory environment composed of recorded cicada samples, thus fore-grounding the normally unconscious influence that humans impose on their environment, blurring the distinction between the audience and performer, and creating an unpredictable and improvisational experience for both. In 2002, Metcalf joined David Stout, then director of the interactive performance group, i2O, where he developed dynamic diffusion sound designs for live acoustics and video performance instruments. Further collaboration between Stout and Metcalf led to the use of real-time 3D data visualization and complex data feed-back programs to model synthetic ecologies based on genetic and behavioral processes found in living systems. These techniques are central to works such as 100 Monkey Garden, a self-generating and self-regulating aesthetic ecology. The two are co-founders of the interactive media-performance group, NoiseFold. Metcalf's more recent work has focused on: expanding traditional uses of the Max/MSP/Jitter programming environment to create large scale software instruments with a broad range of generative possibilities and applications; novel encryption mechanisms; digitally modified sculptural objects; spectral manipulations of sonic materials; and phonography.

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